1. A quorum is necessary for the purpose of conducting business. A quorum consists of three members.

2. The Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources or an administrator’s designee will assume the role as Non-Voting Chair and will provide the necessary accumulated sick day information to the Committee on a quarterly basis or more often as needed.

3. The Committee shall provide the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources a statement of sick bank accounts and copies of all meeting minutes on a quarterly basis.

The Committee shall also communicate its decisions to the applicants.

4. No days will be awarded unless all of the individual’s sick days have been exhausted.

Professional staff will be required to request days, which may be granted at the discretion of the Board, prior to application to the sick leave bank.

5. In cases which involve work-related injuries and the individual is being compensated through Worker’s Compensation, no application will be considered until the individual is released by the Worker’s Compensation physician, the stipulations in No. 4 are met, and no further income is being received through Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

6. Applications will be considered for a continuous absence due to qualifying personal illness or injury. Applications resulting from elective or cosmetic procedures will not be considered.

7. A doctor’s statement on the physician’s letterhead must be received with the application, stating the following:

a. Applicant’s name

b. Reason for absence, stating the reason for total disability

c. Estimated length of absence/return to work

d. Additional medical documentation may be required

8. The Committee may award a maximum of sixty (60) days in any schools year and up to ninety (90) days in two consecutive school years for each case presented to the Sick Bank.

9. Membership on the Committee shall be limited to two consecutive years except for the Human Resources Director, who is a permanent non-voting member of the Committee.

10. The Committee will meet on an as-needed basis.

11. The following factors will be taken into consideration by the Committee in their deliberations:

a. Attendance history of the applicant

b. Previous requests and awards from the Sick Leave Bank

c. Pre-existing conditions and the effect on absenteeism

d. Seriousness of condition and estimated length of illness

e. Any other meaningful factor for the Committee to make a determination

12. If the Committee does not grant sick bank days, the employee may appeal the decision in writing within five (5) working days of receipt of the decision.

The employee shall submit to the Committee additional documentation supporting the appeal. The Committee shall reconsider its decision and notify the employee in writing within five (5) working days.

13. The determination of the Committee will be final.

14. These guidelines shall be reviewed by the Committee annually in September.

The Committee has the ability to circumvent and change these guidelines by a majority vote of the Committee.