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Before you criticize please know the following: We are teachers that love what we do. We are the teachers, for a calendar year now, have had to change course according to decisions we do not make. We are the teachers that teach in ways that seem impossible. We are the teachers that plan for hours. We are the that teachers provide instruction and differentiate the lessons so despite the pandemic, our students can learn. We are the teachers that identify students who are experiencing issues and make sure those students have access to the services they need. We are the teachers that have worked- and have worked hard. We have found ways to run programs and clubs so our students don’t miss opportunities. We have gotten sick. We have been exposed to the virus. We have experienced loss. We are the teachers that have taken the blame for learning deficits. We constantly hear our community say that we don’t want to work. We(the teachers), some may forget, are human beings. We want very much for school and life to look like it did in February of last year, but it doesn’t. We need support and to not be criticized.

Trenton Public Schools instructional and support staff will continue to support each other and to adapt. We are tired. And as we move into year two of this pandemic, we will still be teaching. Be nice ❤️

#stayinformed#staysafe#staytuned (copied from a teacher friend)