NJEA Legal Services is pleased to provide you with this FAQ document pertaining to the new School Sick Leave Law (SSLL) that went into effect in July. The FAQ is divided into six sections – use of sick leave, notice requirements, documentation requirements, “blackout periods,” interaction with other contractual forms of leave, and attendance policies.   

We view this as a living document that will continue to grow and develop over time. Please continue to share additional questions with your UniServ rep and we will update this FAQ as needed. We also anticipate that some questions may not be resolved immediately, but will be clarified through regulations, negotiations, and possibly even litigation. We anticipate that some boards may attempt to change their sick leave and/or attendance policies as a result of the law, so please stay alert for any such efforts in your district and use this FAQ to review the proposed changes.  As always, please contact your UniServ rep with any questions or concerns that arise. 

Thank you and we are looking forward to a great school year!  


Aileen O’Driscoll
NJEA Managing Attorney