All members have a legal right to safe and healthful working conditions. Trenton Board of Education, is responsible for ensuring that school employees and students are not exposed to hazardous conditions.

Committee Chair:
Kathy Wolden

Human Resource FAQ

Did you know you have a Human Resource Analyst?

Yes, each person and each school is assigned to a Human Resource Analyst from the Trenton Board of Education. They are located in Human Resources Office.

Who is my Human Resource Analyst?

HUMAN RESOURCE TEAM |PHONE: 609-656-4900 X 5471| FAX: 609-393-2439

Is there another place to find information?

When do I need to contact Twanda Taylor TEA 1st Vice President/Health and Safety Chairperson?

  • Leave of absence questions
  • Temperature Control issues
  • Alleged abuse allegations
  • Rodents and other pest control issues
  • Need Membership Assistance Service (family/you)
  • Other health and safety issues 

What if I still have questions regarding the TEA contract and other issues?

  • Contact the Trenton Education Association at 609-396-0016
  • Make sure you have all of your documentation if any needed
  • Have a pen and paper ready to write possible information

Other important numbers:

Place Phone Number
Payroll 609-656-4900 ext. 5626
Pension 609-292-7524
Prudential Disability 800-704-1365
AFLAC 609-892-0034
Horizon Blue Cross 800-355-2583
B/C Medi-Group 609-259-5965
Delta Dental 800-452-9310
(Out of State) Dental 800-346-5377
Eastern Dental (Ewing) 609-883-0801
Eastern Dental (Hamilton) 609-587-0600

If you have any questions or concerns please call 609-396-0016.

Disability Insurance

Trenton Board of Education does not pay into the NJ State Disability Program.  It is the responsibility of each employee to elect coverage.   The NJEA endorsed disability program is through Prudential Insurance.  You may speak with a representative from the Educators Insurance Services group about Prudential Disability Insurance during Open Enrollment to begin or change your disability coverage. Please note that this optional coverage is available via payroll deduction.  If you are unable to attend the Open Enrollment you may also call Randal Hasbrouck, our Trenton’s Account Executive at (732)918-2000 Ex. 27.


Your right to safe schools

Please assist in the accurate reporting of acts of violence in your building.  You should complete the school’s discipline referral form and the RI-90 Form when required.  Please use Trenton Public Schools’ Discipline Code Glossary of Terms, which defines unacceptable student behaviors when completing the form.  The glossary, discipline codes and district policies on student behavior can be accessed from the Office of School Support Service’s webpage

Also available for download is the NJ Department of Education’s Violence, Vandalism, and Substance Abuse Incident Report Form.

Your right to clean schools

Members throughout the district have reported filthy, deplorable and unsanitary conditions in their schools. Classrooms are not swept daily, garbage isn’t being emptied, and desks and other surface areas are not being wiped down. Not only is this a ‘gross’ and disrespectful atmosphere for teaching and learning, but it’s leading to insect and rodent infestations in our classrooms which are a real health and safety hazard.

Another widespread concern is bathrooms. Staff and student bathrooms are not cleaned. Toilets and sinks are often dirty; basic supplies such as soap, toilet paper, and towels are missing for extended periods of time. Often garbage is overflowing in the bathrooms. We cannot let these conditions go. We deserve better and so do our students.



What We Want

  1. Sufficient staffing to properly clean each school every day
  2. Substitute custodians to cover absences
  3. Toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels in each bathroom every day
  4. Proper management and oversight of the custodial staff
  5. Full compliance with the contractual promises for clean schools

What We Need from YOU

  1. Document that cleaning is not happening.
  2. Keep a log/google spreadsheet of the date and time that unsanitary conditions are present.
  3. Report this regularly to your building reps & Health and Safety Captain so they can follow up.



HSN - Trenton Coalition Cleans up at Parker Elementary!

Please call the TEA office if you are interested in joining the TEA Health and Safety Committee.


NEA President Dennis Van Roekel and NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer tour HW and Robeson Schools with our Healthy Schools Now - Trenton Coalition to spread awareness of the deplorable conditions in support of ensuring our students and staff have access to a healthy learning and work environment. Click the photo for more.