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Negotiations Update 6-18-15:

ATTENTION: Contract Ratification meeting 

Where:  Hedgepeth-Williams 
When:   Friday, June 19th
Time:     4:00 PM

***********  Bring photo ID  *************

Thank you for your continued support.

Latriece Mitchell,
Negotiations Chair

Congratulations to Colleen Rand
The 2015 recipient of the TEA Award of Distinguished Service.


The TEA Award of Distinguished Service is presented annually to a TEA member that has provided outstanding service for the TEA membership.

  Past Active Inductees are:

  • 2014 Christine Clark
  • 2013 Naomi Johnson-Lafleur
  • 2012 Janice Williams
  • 2011 Alice Burnett 
  • 2010 Thomas Harrington
  • 2007 Len Mitnaul
  • 2002 Jocelyn Francis-White

See more photos from the End of the Year Recognition Celebration by clicking here.

2015 End of the Year Cookout
Retirement Celebration

The TEA Leadership and Social Committee realy know how to end the year right! TEAm members had a great time celebrating a productive year and honoring those moving on to the next phase of their adventure! Kudos to all!

health fair flyer


Congratulations to TEAm Members – Mercer County Teachers of the Year 2014-15!  


NJEA Priority Schools Program Graduation

TEAm members being honored at the recent NJEA Priority Schools Graduation for their hard work and dedication to improving and enhancing instruction for our students. NJEA Priority Schools Associate Director, Pam Garwood MC’d the event! Columbus, Grant, and PJ Hill were in the first NJEA Priority Schools Initiative cohort for Trenton Public Schools! Various speakers were on-hand praising the TEAms for their excellent accomplishments! 


Government Relations Updates:

  • Pensions Update: The Supreme Court ruling on pension funding is expected to come at 10 a.m., and NJEA has a busy day ahead.
    • For your information, here are some highlights:
      • Prior to 10, a number of staff and elected leaders will begin to gather in 216 to prepare for the ruling.
         Once the decision is released, we will all begin reading for as long as it takes to digest the decision.  Our attorney, Ken Nowak, will be reading in his office, and will call in when he’s ready to discuss.
      • NJEA will be attending a 2:00 p.m. press conference at the State House with other unions involved in the lawsuit, along with our attorneys.
      • Communications will be working on a number of fronts: our official statement; the press conference; messaging for officers and regional office staff; a story and a Q and A for the website; social media outreach (Facebook, Twitter, texting); and creating a new TV ad to be produced in time to get on the air by Thursday at the latest.
  • Share your story: High-stakes testing: How have you seen high-stakes standardized tests affect your students or your own children? What can local, state and national policy makers do to help? If you’re organizing a protest or petition, be sure to tell us about it!
  • YOUR TURN: What do you want presidential hopefuls to know about public education?
    There’s already plenty of buzz about the 2016 presidential election thanks to some high profile announcements in recent days. It’s the perfect time for activists to start shining a spotlight on public education, and letting presidential hopefuls know what they SHOULD be talking about when it comes to the public schools that America’s students and families are counting on.It’s your turn! Please share what you think the candidates should talk about as they frame their position on public education. What are your top concerns? What would help your students? What would a candidate learn by visiting your classroom? Please share your valuable perspective!


NJEA Classroom Close-Up highlights TEAm member Jennifer Ayling and her butterfly studies program! 

TEAm member, Jennifer Ayling, teacher at Robbins Elementary School and her class will be highlighted in an upcoming airing of NJEA’s Emmy award winning documentary program, Classroom CloseUp! Here are some great photos of the day’s event! 

Novice & mentors final PD 5/21/15 with NJEA’s Priority Schools Guru, Pam Garwood, “Reflecting on Your Year of Practice”. A great night!


Progressive Science Initiative (PSI), Documenting Our Journey!

The TEA Association-led PSI/PMI initiative continues to flourish as the number of students making honor roll has quadrupled and students are well on their way to be prepared for AP and Honors leveled courses. Click here ( to see a video highlighting the continued success of the program

TEA on ABC: Check out the ABC
Exposéon Job Cuts in the Trenton School District


Need Help? Who Are You Going to Call?

Clickhere to find out which TEAm Leader you should call for your concerns.


TEAm Member Anupama Benegal making physics look easy!

Anupama Benegal, Trenton physics endorsement participant and district science teacher is using a newly installed SMART board for the first time at the Ninth Grade Academy.  During the 2014-2015 school year, the Trenton School District will offer around 30 sections of algebra-based physics in various school communities.



Provisional Teacher Professional Development:

Schedule of Novice Teacher workshops



Attention New Hires

If you have prior work experience, the Human Resource Department needs verification from your previous district(s) in order for you to have your salary adjusted.  The following process must be followed:

1)  Complete and sign a Verification of Professional Experience Form at Human Resources.  You must have the name and address of the previous district(s), phone number, fax number, and contact person’s information in order to complete the form.

2)  Trenton’s Human Resources Department will mail the Verification of Professional Experience Form to your old district(s).

3)  Your old district(s) complete, notarize and mail the Verification of Professional Experience Form back Pam Owens at the Trenton Public School’s Human Resource Department.

4)  Once received, the completed form will be reviewed in HR and you will be placed on the Board Agenda for approval of credit for previous work experience.

It is important that you do this as soon as possible, so that you will be retro’d back to your date of hire.


Steering Committee Members from TEA, Trenton Central Office and Building Administrators, Teachers, and CTL Staff

Steering Committee Members from TEA, Trenton Central Office and Building Administrators, Teachers, and CTL Staff

TEA members and leaders, district administrators including the superintendent, and the school board have come together in support of implementing NJ Center for Teaching and Learning Progressive Science Initiative® (PSI®) and the Progressive Mathematics Initiative® (PMI®)  at Trenton Central High School and piloting PMI at Dunn Middle School. Kudos to Scott Munro, TEAm member and lead teacher at Trenton Central who had previous PSI training, for taking on the challenge of bringing this initiative to light in the Trenton District. Scott was biology teacher who completed the physics endorsement before taking on a leadership position in the Trenton School District and knew the value it would bring to our existing science and math program. Read more here.

  • NJ Supreme Court to hear COLA case
    On July 31, the New Jersey Supreme Court granted certification in Berg v. Christie, the long-running lawsuit challenging Chapter 78’s freezing of the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for current and future retired public employees in the state pension system. In granting certification, the court has agreed to decide definitively whether the Continue reading […]

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