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May 16, 2016

Good Afternoon TEA,

At yesterday’s rally, we stood united as we demanded equity in funding for our students.  The rally was well attended by TEA members.  Thank you to all who attended and a special thank you to the members who took the time to help out with the rally.  The rally was extremely successful and demonstrated how coming and working together can benefit a common cause. 

Various speakers from throughout the state articulated how corporate education reformers are putting laws on the books that lead to taking over boards of education, putting Broad superintendents in place, privatizing services and busting unions. 

This movement continues.  This evening, Mayor Jackson plans to reappoint three Board members (DA Graham, Jane Rosenbaum, and Lucy Vandenberg) who continue to vote to layoff our members and privatize services.   These board members have done very little, if anything at all to fight to secure adequate funding to run this district.  

Here is what we need you to do now.  Please call the mayor’s office (609-989-3030) this afternoon and tell him:

  1. not to reappoint/swear in sleeping board member Jayne Rosenbaum, board member DA Graham who offered his seat to anyone who wants it, and silent board member Lucy Vandenberg.
  2. to appoint qualified board members who are vested in this city and willing to send their children to Trenton Public Schools.
  3. include parents, students, Trenton Education Association, other community partners a seat in the superintendent search process.  The two finalists that were introduced to the community on March 11th let us know that this board is not capable of selecting a quality superintendent for this district.
  4. call your elected officials ( and tell them to provide adequate funding to Trenton Public Schools before approving the state budget.

Again thank you,

Naomi Johnson-Lafleur
President – Trenton Education Association 

Click for the Trentonian article and Bob Braun’s blog about yesterday’s rally.

Trenton_ed Photos from the Rally for Equity in Funding
Rallying for Equity in Funding
5/15/16, 2:36 PM


Celebrating our retiree and our Distinguished Service Award recipients, Talithea Renee and Ron Sanasac at the final Delegate Assembly and End of the Year cookout. Thank you, First VP Twanda Taylor for the great photos! Click here for more photos. 

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Click here for more photos.

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NJEA statement on Friedrichs v. CTA

“The court should respect its long-established precedent”

Read more here:

 Progressive Science Initiative (PSI), Documenting Our Journey!

The TEA Association-led PSI/PMI initiative continues to flourish as the number of students making honor roll has quadrupled and students are well on their way to be prepared for AP and Honors leveled courses. Click here ( to see a video highlighting the continued success of the program


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Attention New Hires

If you have prior work experience, the Human Resource Department needs verification from your previous district(s) in order for you to have your salary adjusted.  The following process must be followed:

1)  Complete and sign a Verification of Professional Experience Form at Human Resources.  You must have the name and address of the previous district(s), phone number, fax number, and contact person’s information in order to complete the form.

2)  Trenton’s Human Resources Department will mail the Verification of Professional Experience Form to your old district(s).

3)  Your old district(s) complete, notarize and mail the Verification of Professional Experience Form back Pam Owens at the Trenton Public School’s Human Resource Department.

4)  Once received, the completed form will be reviewed in HR and you will be placed on the Board Agenda for approval of credit for previous work experience.

It is important that you do this as soon as possible, so that you will be retro’d back to your date of hire.


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